We are in a season of signs and wonders

In the 4th quarter of 2011 the word of the Lord came to me during a Sunday morning service in my home church
in Billdal, Sweden. We had some missionaries visit us this particular Sunday and my first impression were that the word were for them.

I spoke with them after the service and gave them the word. As I did I could feel the prophetic anointing shooting in me!
and I realized that the word was not only for them but for Sweden. The word that I got was:
Me and my wife saw a tremendous increase of the miraculous in 2012. The first quarter of 2013 have been out of the box in my personal life and ministry and I believe the Father is doing it all over our nation. The recent New wine leaders conference with Randy Clark is just an example. The Father is imparting of himself in His people for great exploits.
I believe the Lord wants to do signs in heavens and wonders on the earth there is more to this word than just the healing of the sick.

There is so much more the Father wants to manifest in the earth today. Get ready there are signs coming and there are wonders coming that will blow your mind!!

We are truly in a season of God and I'm writing this to you that have not entered into what God is doing according to His agenda. Its time for you to catch this wave my friend!!

In His Love,
Jonatan Svensson