You are my beloved son!


We had a wonderful time at the season of sign & wonders meeting the 22 of sept. The worship time was impregnated with the presence of the Lord.
The subject for the night were:
You are my Beloved Son! Here is a little excerpt of the message.

You are my Beloved Son!
When Jesus was baptized at the river Jordan something very significant happened.
The Spirit descended on him and the Father spoke from heaven YOUR ARE MY BELOVED SON, IN
WHOM I'M WELL PLEASED. What marvels me is that the Father is pleased with the Son before he had done any
of the Father's works. Before Jesus had healed anybody before he feed the multitudes before he had gone to the cross His Father said You are my Beloved Son And I'm well pleased with you!

The Father Himself loves you.
The Father is saying the same thing to you. You are my beloved Son and Daughter!! He loves you the same way and with the same intensity as He loved (the firstborn) Jesus. You are a son and daughter of God. You are born of God. You are co-heirs with Christ. You have been partakers of divine nature. Jesus said from now on I will not pray for you for the
Father himself loves you. ( John 16) we can know the to believe the love

We are Love letters.

As a young lady impregnates a love letter with perfume. In the same way your heavenly Father wants to impregnate you with His tangible love.
So we don't mainly meet people with words of His love but we carry the very fragrance of His Love in us and through us.

And many other things...