The evolution of a testimony

It was during breakfast at our friend’s house. When I received a word of knowledge concerning a left knee getting healed. Me and my wife and our children were visiting San Antonio, Texas in the month of June 2012. This morning we were scheduled to visit one of the food distributions that we started many years earlier. We had been there two weeks earlier and saw the Lord do an explosion of miracles as I briefly shared about the miracles the Lord had done in that place 5 years earlier.

Now after sharing some testimonies and proclaiming "The kingdom is here" I released the word that God is healing left knees right now. What happened next was amazing two ladies testified of instant healing with out anybody laying hand on them. One of the ladies heard and felt a "Pop" in her injured left knee and testified thrilled about the Lords touch.

A year later.
I got the impression to show the video on the two ladies getting healed in left knees during our Saturday Night Church, healing service. Little did I know that Carolina, a young lady was in the service that night. Who had injured hear left knee two years earlier. She had been operated and was limited in what she could do. She was in pain and couldn’t run or be on her knees playing with her child. While hearing and seeing the healing of the ladies in America a year earlier she felt the power of God and the pain went away that night. Now she can do everything she couldn’t do before, glory to God! She later testified that it feels that the former bad knee received two new muscles!

A couple of months later.
As Carolina shared her amazing testimony, at our Saturday Night healing service. Another lady with a similar issue in her knee wanted Carolina to pray for her. Lo and behold the power of God instantly healed the lady who tried it out right away by running the stairs at our church. With no pain!!

Just last week.
After a Saturday Night Church healing service I sat a table and listing to couple from Macedonia as the shared their story. When I got the impression that the wife was in need of a healing. And guess what her problem was, an injured left knee! I called the lady who could now run the stairs and Carolina and they prayed for her right there and then and the lady got so amazed!! She tried to cover with her hands the smile from ear to ear as she was looking for the pain. But she couldn’t find it! Jesus took it!

Share your stories of God interventions and expect the power of God to show up and touch people under the sound of your voice.
Be bold and pray for peoples needs!
With love,
Jonatan Svensson