Another night of miracles goes to history!

Syria, Eritrea and Russia visiting Saturday Night Church the 30th of may 2015. Many in a church for the first time! The full Gospel was display and Jesus was preforming some stunning signs confirming the message of Jesus being the Son of God. IMG_3913
This man from Eritrea came with great pain in his big toe after he injured it a couple of days ago. He planed to visit a doctor since he had a hard time to walk and even have a shoe on the foot, he came in sandals.
We always want to demonstrate the kingdom in front of the unbelievers so before praying for the man we asked him what he could not do and if he was in pain right now. And he was in great pain. After praying in the name of Jesus the man he was totally stunned. He could not find the pain and he could walk with no problem what so ever! The same night three people got instantly healed in their backs glory to Jesus! One refugee from Syria got healed in his back after 6 months of constant pain. What took me by surprise were that the prophetic anointing was very strong and many ministered to.IMG_3876