What a night!


Father we thank you for what you are doing in our midst!

This last Season of signs & wonders service
(Oct 6th) we had such a beautiful time. Father poured out of his love and the revelatory realm was so vivid. I believe lives were change this night as the God spoke to us. More Lord, more dippings in you love and revelations concerning our redeemed purpose.

I talk on the love of the Father and told my own story on how the Father visited me and how I became whole on the inside
(The Love of God casts out all fear 1John 4:18) I felt such unction on inner healing. I also shared on the our redeemed purpose written down by our heavenly Father in book of destiny before we were born (Psalms 139) As we are redeemed and makes Jesus our Shepherd. He begins to lead us in to our redeemed purpose.

There is so much on this subject that I may share another time...

Stay in His love!