The kingdom of God is here!

I'm just in awe of all the wonders of heaven that is happening. The Spirit of God has given me new boost of faith
when it comes to believing that the kingdom of God is here NOW!

Let me start out by giving you an update on the healing services and ministry to the refugees.
There is so many getting touched that it is hard to keep count of them all.
we have had broken ribs getting healed, Ischia, knees, backs, broken leg, elbows, feet injuries, one guy who got stabbed
in both his legs got healed, stomach issues, matrix issues, arthritis, partial blindness and so many giving account of feeling the tangible touch of the Holy Spirit. In every service people responds to the Gospel.

Now we have had a little well needed summer brake but I can't wait to get back in the "Saddle" ride into new adventures with the Lord. I hear the Spirit of God saying that there is greater things than these awaiting us.

The greater works is upon us and our Father is waiting for us to place a demand of the resources of the Kingdom.
I feel such faith in my heart as I'm writing this under the unction of the Holy Spirit!
TAKE IT BY FORCE!! The kingdom is yours and it is so available and attainable!!
Where are those who would just take it and run with the power of God to a lost and dying world?
C'mon Church arise and shine!! The kingdom is ours and He has asked us to say kingdom come over any situation that Heaven would be manifested in this earth arena.

The Lord is with You!

/Jonatan Svensson