Salvations & Healing

We are truly in the season of signs & wonders! Our Father is demonstrating His mighty love to a lost and dying world by miracles. This last gathering we had 75 in attendance and 35 of them were there for the first time. (the 35 from a refugee hostel) Proclamation & demonstration of Father's love I preached a short message on the miracle done in Jesus name at the gate beautiful. Then it was time for DEMONSTRATION. I was led to a little lady who suffered with arthritis, we both felt the touch of God and the Spirit working in her. We took a walk around the church sanctuary and she testified of being healed!! Then another lady who had arthritis got prayed for and got soaked in the Spirit of God! She could later lift her arm that were frozen due to the arthritis. She later testified of how she came back to Christ that night and was filled with the Spirit! A couple who could not receive children asked for prayer after seeing their friend sitting next to them healed of a knee injury. After prayer they later told me that she had some problem with her shoulder that were gone now'! To make a long story short one lady on dialysis got touched and one with a stomach problem felt the Spirit remodeling something on the inside of her. One lady with chronicle headache after a brain operation testified of being healed...... All about the harvest! All the signs and wonders is there to guide people into a living faith in Jesus Christ. That night we had approximately 7 precious people responding to the call to salvation!!! In His love, Jonatan Svensson