Embodying the message

In the first teaching on the prophetic life I shared the revelation the Lord gave me when it came to the story of Joseph. The life of Joseph was the embodiment of the life of Christ. With other words Joseph was a prophet that manifested the message through all he went through, his life became the prophetic word of the coming Christ and what he would go through. Joseph life journey has inspired and encouragement many of us. You see his biography is until this day a prophetic encouragement to us and the Spirit is still using his life journey to give comfort and revelation about the high ways of God our Father.

Embodying the message.
I’m starting to understand and grasp that our very lives are being used by God to speak a message. I’m one of those people that loves to read and hear about life journeys. Not just the victories but the hard times and the troubled times too. Many times the Lord has used somebodies life Journey to speak a message to me.

What am I saying? We have to realize that prophecy is not just instant revelation or the flow of words. It is so much more to prophecy and being a prophetic person. I believe strongly in that God takes us through things and make our history a word of prophecy or a prophetic example to somebody else.

Your life becomes the message.
The Lord has showed me that what He has done with me so far and my personal testimonies of His touch and restoration is a prophetic word that He assigned me to prophecy. It has been amazing so far to see what kind of demonstrations the Father has preformed as I have shared my stories of the touch of God. Its like the very testimonies are prophetic words of invitation to have the same experience and the same tangible touch from the Father.

The Forerunners.
Some of us is called to pave the way for others to walk in. We are examples of what God is going to do and what he wants to do in many others. The forerunners is often before their time in manifesting what God will do in the future. We have to recognize these examples God is raising up in these times. Without becoming envious or start competing with those prophetic lives that God is raising up to be examples of what the Father wants to do in a whole new generation. They are only examples to us and they are prophetic messages to us, living letters if you will from the Father showing us what he wants us to enter into.

The revealing of the Sons of God.
In these days the Revelation of the Fatherhood of God is being released over the church and he is wanting us to receive this revelation in order to enter into the Sonship and growing into perfection of LOVE, just as our Father is Perfect. The world is waiting on the revealing of the Sons of God. A Son of God is somebody who has reached "full age." Sons manifests their Heavenly Fathers nature in the earth arena. They are walking in the same union Jesus the first born had with the Father. Now we are being transformed into the image of His Son, the first born among many brothers. (Rom 8:29)

Jesus Was the first born and the forerunner of a whole new generation. Let us look at Him and follow the Father just as He did.

"I only do what I see my Father do." /Jonatan Svensson