Miracles on live periscope!

As some of you know I have been on periscope awhile now and that God has done some amazing things during our live broadcasts.
Just two weeks ago I started a new Periscope channel under the name Periscope Pastorn (username: @PastorPeriscop) This periscope channel is in Swedish and we are seeing a momentum when it comes to followers and people tapping in to see what is happening. I've had some scopes which we call #LiveBön (#LivePrayer) during these scopes we have seen som amazing miracles taking place and people from all walks of life is getting touched by the presence of the Lord. It totally amazing to se un churched folks getting touched in the comfort of their homes. The Gospel is preached right into living rooms of a secular generation!!

Please stand with me in prayer for a greater media revival!

/Jonatan Svensson