The presence of the Lord was present to heal


We had such a good time at the season of signs & wonders gathering this last Saturday.
John Derneborg pastor in Vänersborg, Sweden and one of the leaders of the New wine movement in Sweden
visited us. Peter Bergstrand with team was leading us in wonderful worship.

John shared on the subject of the Kingdom of God in relations to see demonstrations of physical healing.
He shared so many tangible testimonies of healing and miracles in Sweden today. My God there is so much happening
behind the scenes. We really need to let our light shine for real and share with all we meet the wonders of the Lord.

John had us wait on the Lord t receive words of knowledge and then share them to see who related to the words.
Then it was time for the everyone to find someone to pray for and command healing to manifest.

As we did The Lord started working and around 5-6 people confirmed that healing was accruing.
I will share later what actually happened. Many people with hearing loss or some other issues with the ears were
witnessing of improvments.

During the worship in the end of the meeting there was such an atmosphere of healing. My body was going num under the unction!
A woman in the church was witnessing that during worship her hearing improved greatly.

Father we ask you for more of your manifest presence in our lives.

Next gathering will be in January the exact date will be announced.
Jonatan Svensson